YouTube – Edyta Górniak – Nie proszę o więcej

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YouTube – Edyta Górniak – Nie proszę o więcej.


Jim’s RULA Exercises

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New Album Cover

New Album Cover

Week One: set up this blog and added some photos.
Week Two: set up an RSS feed from BBC radio news.
Week Three: set up a wiki at
Week Four set up a Flikr account and posted 6 pictures.
Week Five: set up a Facebook account
Week Six: Joined Library Thing and posted ten titles.
Week Seven Play week, but was too busy to play.
Week Eight: created a google map of Cabbage Town.
Week Nine:set up a MYSPACE account
Week Ten: set up some broser extensions e.g. COOLIRIS
Week Eleven: Listened to A Harvard University Review of Roman History books.
Week Twelve: was already a Youtube user so sent a friend a Funny Video.
Week Thirteen:created a band :
Soldier Crab
Album: Everywhere is walking distance
New Album Cover

New Album Cover


Friday the 13th

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Today is Friday February the 13th. Some people actually consider this to be a lucky day but I’m not taking any chances. I am wearing my lucky chinese jade.